As a parent ‘the SMOT community’ is very supportive and inclusive. The learning opportunities provided to my children have considered all aspects of their health and wellbeing (physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual) while allowing their personalities to develop and shine through

~ Chelsea

I have only been a member of the SMOT family for 8 years, a very short time compared to many other community members. The essence of SMOT is that it is like a family, a family that supports the growth of the children and their broader family members.  My son has just moved on to secondary school this year, where he has found the transition easy, and this is due to the support of teachers, office staff, our parish priest and the whole community developing him from the shy nervous child to the almost over confident pre teen that he is.  My daughter enjoys the opportunities that SMOT provides. She learns the violin, plays soccer in the school yard, learns chess, tried the choir and loves the connections with all the staff who are, as she says, “part of the village that helps me grow

~ Jodie

My girls have grown in so many ways during their time at St Martins.  They both speak highly of their teachers and have fostered many beautiful friendships. I love the way St Martins continues to explore new and relevant teaching methods to deliver engaging content for the children. I appreciate how parental involvement at the school is both welcomed and encouraged. My girls especially love library and STEM and believe these two areas to be significant strengths of the school. As a family we feel very privileged to be part of such a genuinely caring school community and have truly felt to be valued members. 

~ Carla


I remain pleasantly surprised with our child’s growth and enthusiasm about school – thank you for helping to provide such a strong foundation, building confidence for the children to make their own decisions about the present and the future (and step out of the comfort zone).

– parent

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